^ Our new 1910 house was bought from a woman who lived there for 49 years (!).
The blue door is now *landmarked* in this historic neighborhood, thank goodness. We’ll match the color and repaint to freshen it up.

^ Super-amazing volume (i.e. 12-foot ceilings); the carpet will go. The thought is to paint the stairs + add a runner.

^ Looking back toward the front door.

^ Double-height stairway up to a skylight. Have thought about decorative painting mural of sorts here, possibly on grasscloth.

^ Original living room moldings offer an amazing chance to use 3 colors to intensify the details. Will paint window moldings, and walls too. Carpet removed to reveal original wood floors. Curtains are…. gone ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. ^ Looking from living room into the study. 2. The study with fireplace 3. from study looking back at living room. Carpet stripped, wood beams stained lighter/matte or painted.

^ Dining room with wood beams to be stained lighter / matte or painted.

^ A very “before” kitchen. Incredible light… drawings to come. Inspiration is a British “conservatory”โ€“ style kitchen! Wine red cabinets, soapstone counters.

^ Master bedroom with groovy coved ceilings.

^ Six-sided room is of 3 additional bedrooms upstairs. Jack-and-Jill bathrooms have original claw-foot tubs (another paining opportunity!)

^ Office… needs love. Extra bathroom and view back to stairwell.

^ Floor plans

Up next: kitchen renderings and full decor scheme ๐Ÿ™‚

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